Louisville Polygraph Testing - The Lies Stop Here. Experienced Senior Examiners, Licensed and Forensic Certified. All Issues Tested.
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Meet our Company

Our mission is to provide quality services that reflect expertise and professional polygraph testing.  We are bound individually and collectively to the highest standards, objectives, and principals when conducting polygraph examinations.


The Kentuckiana Polygraph group consists of several APA certified examiners with Kentucky and Indiana licensing certifications. All of our examiners are current or retired law enforcement examiners with years of experience in Psychophysiological Detection of Deception. To maintain high standards and ethics, our examiners are all certified by the American Polygraph Association.


Kentuckiana Polygraph is based out of Louisville but serves all of Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio.


Our Examiners hold over 95 Years of Experience & Combined Service to the Polygraph Profession.  If you are seeking a qualified examiner that will seek and detect deception, schedule your test today.


Call today to Schedule an Examination

Mark Bratcher 502-773-1234

Kevin Bowling 502-594-9325

  • Multiple Certified Forensic Law Enforcement Examiners (AAPP Certification).
  • Multiple examiners are highly skilled in Kinesic Interviewing and hold certification in Scientific Content Analysis.
  • Our examiners specialize in matters of Infidelity
    • These examinations are designed to help individuals in a committed relationship determine commitment to a relationship and honesty on sensitive subjects that couples develop. These polygraph exams assist in clearing up misconceptions as to your mate’s fidelity, and credibility issues involving history, behavior and commitment in a relationship.  Facebook and social media/networking has created many doubts for all different types of relationships.  Our examiners utilize a standardized testing procedure that focuses on these types of issues.
  • Licensed, accredited, certified and insured.  APA, AAPP, KPA Members.
  • We provide the best polygraph examinations available due to multiple years of service in the profession.
  • Multiple examiners on hand equals QCM (Quality Control Measures) to ensure test validity.
  • Testing fees vary due to client needs.  Fees generally range from $300 to $600.
  • Weekend Testing based on availability.
  • Free consultations, no brokerage or upfront fees.
  • Credit Cards Accepted.